a prophetic dream

on tuesday, june 12th, 2012 i had a dream…

"i was walking around my home when jon yee calls and informs me that he’s leaving loveasu and would like for me to take his place as worship leader at the prayer house for monday night prayer and worship at arizona state university, and also tells me that united pursuit band will be there and that I would be leading them. i said yes, hang up and start running around my home franticly looking for united pursuit music on the internet to print out. my mother informs me that she is more than willing to drive me to campus in her big truck, so I quickly grab my guitar and a few sheets of printed music and head on out. as soon as we arrive, i run towards the prayer house and i’m greeted by united pursuit. i look at them and start apologizing for not having all their music down, but they look at me and say, "don’t worry about it, just play from your heart." 

then i wake up.

its now wednesday, march 13th, 2013.

what’s happened since then?

wow. yea. amazing.

lots of the dream has already happened and it’s also still happening.

it’s beautiful.

"and it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions" -joel 2.28 (nkjv)

The Lord is faithful.


*so i had no idea if i was going to actually meet my favorite worship team, united pursuit (like ever) or how that part of my dream was going to play out. but the very weekend before the first monday night prayer and worship, i was invited by a couple brothers to attend the wilder tour conference in pasadena, california, so i went without ever checking the scheduled speakers or worship teams. lo and behold, who did i see standing in the back of the auditorium praising God? yup, michael ketterer (my favorite singer of united pursuit), and so i go up to him and i go to shake his hand but he extends the hug and we start filling up with joy

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